Photo credits: DMC

Just look at it! German design company DMC decided to throw its ambitious customization program at the Lamborghini Aventador and the result is the LP900 Molto Veloce. This customized Aventador is everything its name suggests: it's a 900 hp beast and it's very fast! Every part of the 6.5-Liter V12 has been reworked for better performance. The original exhausts have been replaced by titanium exhaust system that only weighs 3.4 kg and costs 5,500 euros alone..

From the exterior, DMC has fitted the Aventador with a full carbon fiber bodykit that promises better aerodynamics. Some of the most ramarkable styling elements are the front splitter, "SuperVeloce" style rear wing, enormous side skirts... not to forget the quadruple exhausts and the carbon diffuser. A very unique package for a very unique car.

Pricing for the whole package has yet to be announced but for the rest of us, we'll just enjoy contemplating the raging bull in the high res gallery below..

[source: DMC]
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