Thursday, September 6, 2012

1.0-Liter Ecoboost powered Formula Ford: Most efficient Track beast?

It's inevitable, downsizing is invading the motorsport world. We've seen Formula 1 switch from V12 to V10 then to V8 and now it might be switching to twin-turbo V6. All this in less than 15 years. Of course, there was a time when F1 cars were powered by turbocharged Four-cylinder engines. But those were 1000+ Hp beasts and their latest concern was fuel economy and CO2 emission...

Ford wanted to go even further with the concept of downsizing and has introduced this Formula Ford powered by a 1.0-Liter Ecoboost engine that has been tuned to produce 202 Hp. The same tiny 3-Cylinder engine that powers its Focus and Fiesta road cars. The engine that won the International Engine of the Year 2012 Award. A three cylinder race car you'd say? Keep reading...

To prove the performance of its new track beast, Ford took its to the Green Hell in Germany where it achieved an astonishing lap time of 7 minutes and 22 seconds! That's the 11th fastest lap ever on the Nürburgring Nodschleife and without doubt the fastest for a three cylinder engine. Great performance isn't it? especially when you know that this car has been converted for road use!

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