This is how David Williams has imagined the upcoming F70, the replacement for the almighty Enzo. The car borrows some design elements from other Ferrari models like the Engine cover and the diffuser from the P4/5 one-off model, the headlights from the 458 Italia or the nose of an Enzo. The designer took some liberty with some elements like the futuristic huge single exhausts from each side instead of the quadruple exhausts that we used to see on Ferrari V12 models or the side mirrors which are not really mirrors but small cameras. Overall, the design has its own personality and the rendering is just fantastic. Are there any design elements that you want see them making their way to the real deal?

David (aka wizzoo7) even went on to imagine the FXX version based on his F70 design and it looks absolutely stunning!

I really urge you to have a look at David's gallery as he has imagined and successfully created some very interesting concepts for our viewing pleasure!

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