When it comes to motor sports, I have to admit that nothing really interesting happens in my country except some International rally raid events because you know, mother nature has graced us with the Sahara. So it was nice to see that the Italian Sorrento Motorsport team brought 6 Radical SR4's to offer driving lessons for some motor sport fanatics in Tunisia. The Radical SR4 is powered by a Suzuki engine developing 230 Hp and weights just 500 Kg. Remember that Radical detains the record of the fastest lap time around the Nürburgring Norschleife for a road legal car thanks to its SR8 LM model. (You can watch the record setting lap in the video after the jump.)

During the first session, the team members took their cars for a spin around the Belvédère circuit, which may I remind you, is an everyday road that is closed occasionally for the Historic Gran prix that takes place every year and events like this one. The drivers were clearly struggling to stay flatout on the main straight because of the bumps on the road... So it was quite a challenge to make fast laps even for the experienced drivers.

Don't be too hard on me because of the pictures! I don't have the skills nor the gear to make beautiful shots... I might be taking more pictures tomorrow but there's the Monaco Gran Prix, which is far more interesting!

Radical SR8 LM's record:
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