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Last week, Ferrari stole the lights from all other dream car makers by unveiling its 599 GTB successor, the F12 Berlinetta. But now Lamborghini strikes back to remind us that they are still there and that they are unbelievably good at making supercars. So they came up with something really special: a roofless Aventador, SLR Stirling Moss-style. And we have to admit that the result is just astonishing! The car keeps its 700 Hp 6.5-Liter V12 and is expected to be lighter due to the absence of the roof, the windshield, the air conditioning system and of the navigation system. Lamborghini has insisted that this is not a showcar and that it's truly for sale, in a very limited number i guess...

Well thanks Lambo for giving us something to dream about! Now we have to see this beast on a race track someday! More high res pictures in the gallery below. And there's more to come from the Geneva Motor Show today, so stay tuned.

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