You might have already seen this picture around the web but i have kind of an attraction towards this type of shots. Thumbs up for the guy who caught this at the very best moment and congratulations to Subaru for making a record breaking machine.

The backstory: it's a scary sub-20 minutes (19:56.7) run on a course made up of 60.8 Km (37.8 miles) of curvy public roads located in the Isle Of Man and closed especially for the event. The average speed achieved during this frightening run is 181 Km/h (113 mph). There's is no doubt that in order to achieve this kind of records, you need a very skilled driver and a reliable rally car like the Impreza STi WRX sedan. I won't call this a stock Impreza but apart from the roll cage and a slightly modified suspension, it's not far from being one. And yes it's still road legal.

[source: Subaru]
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