Some cars have the look but do not have the performance that goes with it. The Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech is just the opposite. I'm not saying that the original Nissan Stagea 260RS Autech isn't a good looking machine, far from that. But i think it deserves a more expressive body of what it really is in the interior which is basically a R34 GT-R wagon.

Being powered by the twin turbo in-line six RB26DETT engine from the R34 Nissan GT-R, the Japanese wagon is quite an interesting machine as a basis. This one had its front end totally converted to a R34 Nissan GT-R. The result is basically a GT-R wagon and that really makes sense to me.

This "GT-R wagon" has enough space to comfortably carry four people, it has enough space for tons of luggage and has enough power to make your journeys much less boring.. and not any type of power, it's GT-R power! I would love to have this as my every day car.

[source: The Real JDM]
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