The Xenatec Coupé is based on the Maybach 57S, it has the same wheel base, same number of seats, the same 612 Hp V12 bi-Turbo and the same performance figures of the classic Maybach 57S but it features a very smooth Coupé body that might remind some of you of the the one-off Maybach Exelero which set a speed record of 350 Km/h (218 mph) in its category at the time. That's totally understandable as it happens that the cars received draughtmanship from the same man.

Unlike the Exelero, the Xenatec Coupé is not a one off, so if you can afford a Maybach 57S and you want to exchange two doors and a little extra money for that Coupé sexiness, the Xenatec Coupé is all yours.. until 100 of them are sold.

[source: Xenatec]
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