Michael Stoschek, the chief designer of the new Lancia Stratos project which has been in the works for four years, evoques the Ford GT40 as an example of fresh inspiration from the past which gave birth to a very successful modern interpretation. His idea was to do the same with the iconic Lancia Stratos from the 70's. The new stratos is based on the Ferrari 430 which leads to speculations that it's going to be powered by a Ferrari V8. The only few specifications that have been published on the dedicated website are the power to weight ratio of 2.25Kg/Hp which leads to nearly 444Hp/ton and a weight distribution of 50:50.

There is no word either whether the car is going to be a one off or a limited production run of 25 units. Stay tuned!

[source: new-stratos.com]
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