Ford Focus RS500

If there is one special paint that car enthusiast don't get tired of seing, it's definetly matte black. And this time, it comes in the shape of the very exciting and long awated Ford Focus RS500. Add to that a wide body kit, a big rear spoiler and a rear diffuser (though i'm not so sure about the effectiveness of this latter) and you have one of the most agressive looking hatchbacks.

Happily, that wasn't the best part of the story. The RS500 hides under its bonnet a 2.5L five cylinder engine delivering 350 Hp and 460 Nm... in a hatchback, really!

To keep the beast rare and precious, the RS500 as its name suggests, is limited to 500 units. So you won't be seing it very often. But at least you can now watch it taking some high speed corners on the road in the beautiful HD video below.

Ford Focus RS500
[source: Ford]
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