599XX 02

Until we get to see the 599 GTO on a proper road test, Autocar mag got its hands on the stripped out version of the 599 GTB for the track, the 599XX. The GTO badge has been used two very special times in the history of the prancing horse. First with the immortal 250 GTO then with the 288 GTO (commonly known as the GTO). Seeing that the original 599 GTB weights more than 1690 KG, one can wonder how much its GTO variant will weight, knowing that the fourty years old 250 GTO was just over 900 KG. The 599 GTO surely won't be able to match that figure, but it's going to be an epic car anyway. In fact it can be described as a road legal version of the 599XX and Autocar test driver Steve Sutcliffe had the priviledge to take you on board for four laps on the Fiorano test track, enjoy!

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