A day with the Ferrari 348 ts

F348 ts 02
After seing the new 458 Italia being tested by Autocar, we are going to have a look back at one of its ancestors, or let's just say "older sisters" since it's not that old: the Ferrari 348 ts which i had the chance to drive for a day, thanks to a very good friend.

I am not going to be very technical about this car as by now it's no longer a technological master piece. Though this is why i liked it...

F348 ts 11
The 348 is the proud decendent of the Ferrari F40 which is by the way based on the Competizione version of the iconic 288 GTO (simply known as the GTO). Great pedigree! For me, those cars define a great era in the history of Ferrari.
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F458 Italia
Normally i don't do automotive news on this blog, there are plenty of exellent automotive sites on the web that are doing the job (Autoblog, Jalopnik, Carscoop..) and they are doing it quite good, so there is no need for another automotive news site... But don't be surprised to see some car reviews by here anyway!

However, Something caught my attention today and i want to share it with you: i came across what must be one of the very first reviews of the Ferrari 458 Italia by someone else than Ferrari. The fllowing is a review made by AUTOCAR. Whatever you were thinking of the Italia when it first came out in pictures, i want you to sit down, load the full HD video and watch one of Ferrari's prettiest achievements in the 21st century. Yes, i did say that. Maybe because it has something else in common with my all time best (the F40): the triple exhausts...

For all my friends here and all the viewers who have "technical issues" with youtube here is another link, to AUTOCAR's review of the 458 Italia, enjoy!

Ferrari 458 Italia driven by autocar.co.uk from Engined Beasts on Vimeo.